Designed with you in mind
The Lettings system is fully equipped to help you administer your bookings
  • Maintain details of the facilities you have available for hire
  • Group like facilities together
  • Utilise multiple price bands
  • Price by the hour, session, first and subsequent periods, weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • Record and maintain bookings
  • Easily manage repeat bookings
  • Auto-allocate bookings from groups of facilities
  • Confirm and cancel bookings
  • View bookings by date or date range
  • Print booking confirmations
  • Maintain details of hirers
  • Set discounts levels
  • Charge for insurance
  • Keep track of hirer's own liability insurance renewals
  • Generate mail merge letters using Microsoft Word and your hirer data
  • Automatically generate invoices from bookings
  • Print invoices and credit notes
  • Print reminder letters
  • Print statements
  • Record payments and refunds
  • Print receipts
  • Design your own layouts
  • Record sales and refunds of sporting and non-sporting activities and products
  • Record payments by cash, credit/debit card and cheque
  • Record the transactions anonymously or against individual hirers
  • Print receipts on an Epson receipt printer
  • Keep track of cash added/removed from a cash-drawer
  • Reconcile vTill against the contents of the cashbox
  • View and print reports
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Easily download and install updates over the internet


  • System diary allows you to see quickly what facilities are free at any time
  • Regular booking feature adds diary entries for the whole year in one go
  • Networkable system so that more than one person can view the information
  • Insurance tracking warns you if hirer needs to re-submit evidence of cover
  • Automatic generation of invoices
  • Automatic creation of reminder letters to chase overdue invoices
  • Weekly bookings list helps you communicate with facilities staff
  • Reporting tools that show utilisation of different facilities and income per hirer

Top 5 Advantages

  • Faster and easier management of bookings diary
  • Time saving from automated invoicing
  • More control as you have fast access to all relevant data
  • Better communication with facilities staff
  • No danger of losing a booking or forgetting to invoice it