Community Lettings is software designed specifically to help community associations and schools manage the letting out of their facilities.

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Keep track of all your bookings

Tucasi's Lettings System has been designed with community organisations and schools in mind. It'll help you manage lettings income for any type of facility or resource including halls, sports pitches, meeting rooms and equipment.  It creates a definitive record of which facilities have been booked and makes sure that hirers are invoiced correctly for their usage of the facility, including insurance and the correct VAT rate.

Streamline administration

The system is easy to use and will streamline your lettings administration saving you hours of work every month.

It covers the whole lettings procedure from taking a booking; checking insurance details; sending confirmation letters; invoicing; and chasing overdue payments.

Take control of the process

In addition the system features comprehensive reporting tools.

Pre-formatted reports allow you to track total income, income per hirer, utilisation of individual facilities, aged debtors and much, much more.

With all this information at your fingertips you can demonstrate full control of the lettings process.
"This software saves us lots of time and effort, it has really improved on the manual systems we previously had in place"